Farewell to the old . . .

by NobblySan

No Dunc, not you.

2018 wasn’t exactly a sparkling year full of good stuff and reason to celebrate; and to be honest, I’m not sure that the coming year will be any better.

If I sound a bit down about it all, I can at least console myself that I’m not as hacked off about the state of play as is Frankie Boyle.

. . . or am I?

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a good giggle in the New Year.







3 Comments to “Farewell to the old . . .”

  1. Duncan, that old crank is at the door again. You have a pound to send him away with? I’m strapped.


  2. I find Frankie Boyle a bit hit and miss at times but he was in good form when he penned that article!


    • Me too, mate. At times the bloke can be a complete arse, and step well and truly over the line between genuine humour and crudity/cruelty.

      However, he seems much better suited to his role as occasional Guardian columnist.


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