How’d the first week of New Year’s Resolutions go?

by allthoughtswork

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When my gym installed 24-hour television screens in every room (even the bathrooms, probably, the bastards) I got the hell out.

Now I save a lot of money, work out when I damned well feel like it, even on national holidays (actually, especially on national holidays, my smug sanctimony about it gives me strength), I no longer endure the debut of new Axe Body Spray scents like Damp Crotch Musk and Millennial Pong Xtreme, and I never have to pretend to be perky for a sullen front desk attendant ever again. Bonus: no C-SPAN spraying daily manufactured outrage over my head. Join the resistance, people, there’s fresh air and sun out here.


2 Comments to “How’d the first week of New Year’s Resolutions go?”

  1. my ideal form of exercise – [after that involving my partner] – is hiking/hill-walking, and cycling, neither of which I have done much of lately

    the gym is the last place you would ever find me !


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