My 2019 financial plan as performance art

by allthoughtswork

2 Comments to “My 2019 financial plan as performance art”

  1. I hate a show-off – remember when these first came out, used to spend hours trying to get all the sides one colour !


    • Nah, too much like a board game (bored game?) for me. I never got into video games, either. Too much sitting in one place and accomplishing zilch.

      Before home computers came out, the university my father worked at issued computers to all professors. Each time they upgraded to a new one, he simply brought the old one home. I wrote stories on it, then I discovered the games.

      I went through every single one of them, mastered them all in a few weeks, and thought, “That’s it? That’s all there is to this?” Never touched another one. Still write, though.


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