Trump’s Wall : 1958 version

by duncanr

clip from a 1958 movie about a conman, name of Trump, trying to persuade townsfolk to give him money to build a big protective wall round their town

sound familiar, anyone ?

3 Comments to “Trump’s Wall : 1958 version”

  1. Humpty Trumpty wants a big wall
    Humpty Trumpty vetoes the law
    All of Trump’s staffers and all of their friends
    Can’t tell the difference ‘tween means and the ends.


  2. Historically Predictally inaccurate. There’s no mention of the aliens paying for it, and the guy is bald!


  3. The full episode is on Youtube, and in the closing credits there is the following text:
    “The story you have seen has been adapted for Television from the cases and files of the Texas Rangers, without whose help the show would not be possible.”
    So y’all… there’s all the proof you need… The FBI is in cahoots with the Texas Rangers, and they’ve been plotting against the President since 1958.


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