Let’s play Diabetic Tetris

by allthoughtswork

Infographic shows average sugar content in drinks

They say children are exceeding their recommended sugar limit by age ten, but you know damned well most of them are exceeding it by 8 o’clock in the morning:

There’s 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon, folks, and a “serving” of cereal is supposed to be 3/4 C. Who the hell ever stopped at 3/4 C. of cereal?

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3 Comments to “Let’s play Diabetic Tetris”

  1. have to watch my own sugar intake

    I generally drink 5 or 6 cups of coffee a day, with 2 teaspoons of sugar per cup – that’s 60 gram sugar before even consider anything else going into my body

    thank goodness I don’t eat breakfast cereal or sup fizzy drinks!

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  2. By “watch” do you mean you stare at the sugar while you’re shoveling it into your mug?


  3. The “Sugar in Drinks” graphic from the BBC is highly misleading. The faux comparison clearly suggests that both “cola” and “juice pouch” drinks contain less sugar compared to an allegedly “typical energy drink”, but in fact there is almost no difference in the percentage sugar content of all three drinks.
    Doing the arithmetic reveals, in cubes per 500ml:
    Energy drink: 13;
    Cola: 14;
    Juice Pouch: 13.
    I wonder whether someone was paid to put this deception on air, or is it an example of reporting by young naive staff filling the shoes of more experienced former colleagues.


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