Leap of Faith

by duncanr

using space technology, a russian company has designed a compact parachute type device to allow folk to jump safely from a tall building to escape fire – http://tinyurl.com/y83fdjfo

the device, which looks like an ordinary backpack, is fastened to a person’s back in an emergency

they then sit on window ledge, back facing out, and pull a ring which inflates the backpack – it is self-righting to ensure a safe and soft landing on the ground below

a clever idea, but while might work well if only one or two folk trying to escape a burning multi-storey building, not sure how effective it would be in real-life situation, e.g., Grenfell Tower where many folk are jumping simultaneously – can picture folk falling on top of one another before the first jumpers have had a chance to clear the ‘landing area’

3 Comments to “Leap of Faith”

  1. You came to exactly the conclusion my brain concocted, except I added high wind, electrical wires, and a couple of those fucking drones zipping around, taking news footage and slicing off fingers.


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