Show this to a new mom, I dare you

by allthoughtswork

If only it was that easy...



2 Comments to “Show this to a new mom, I dare you”

  1. this post put me in mind of the old joke – what is more painful, childbirth or a kick in the balls ?

    the answer being the latter – obviously – since no man voluntarily decides he would quite like to be kicked in the balls again, while women, despite protesting about how painful the process is, are ready to repeat the experience in order to bring another wean into the world !

    just saying 😆


    • Throw that joke in the trash, you crusty old wank.

      Since women started walking upright with the rest of you Neanderthals, our pelvises had to narrow in order to keep the weans from dropping out before their due date. The result is an excruciating process of mind-melting pain that splits a woman open wide enough to release the little bugger, something that traumatizes both mother and child emotionally and physically and can only be healed through successive steps of bonding and touch that, if not completed properly, produce lifelong trouble for both.

      To suggest a woman is “ready” to endure such tortures implies she has a choice in the matter of motherhood.

      Take your head out of your ass and think about your daughter’s mum.


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