I Want a Baby

by duncanr

Women were set a challenge . . .

and here’s how some men responded . . .



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3 Comments to “I Want a Baby”

  1. My favorite article on your site😊


  2. I’ve had the opposite conversation with boyfriends. It goes as follows.

    Yes, I like babies. They’re lovely when they’re sleeping or silently drooling on somebody else.

    No, I don’t see myself as a mother someday. I’ve already worked several slave jobs for unsatisfactory pay, I don’t want to turn it into a lifelong volunteer stint.

    Yes, I’d make a fabulous mother. A clowder of cats and two billion plants have great memories of my nurturing but then none of them shit in my lap.

    No, I have nothing against mothers. The good ones, anyway. Ask me why I don’t celebrate Christmas and pull up a chair.

    Yes, I’ve tried babysitting. I was famous for being kid’s favorite. I was also a camp counselor for many years, ran children’s birthday parties as my first business, and was the Program Director for my university’s latchkey children’s organization. And now I enjoy adult conversations.

    No, I’m not going to change my mind. I’ve almost made it to 50 without buying a single pregnancy test, if there’s any diapers in my future, they’re going to be my own.


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