Eyes forward, anti-vaxxers!

by allthoughtswork




Craziness continues here

I added that last image to segue into a rant.

True, idiocy abounds when it comes to medical science, but I’ve seen it creep into the doctor pool. I’m wondering if maybe this anti-vax thing and other natural cures movements arose out of people’s frustration with allopathic medicine’s inability to get to the root cause of and cure so many things out there.

I personally spent decades and thousands trying to figure out why my list of symptoms never got shorter by applying their “disease management protocols” and grew weary of hearing pat talking points like “stress,” “woman,” and “older” in their attempts to shuffle me out of their offices and into their pharmacies.

Well, guess what, bitches? I ignored all of you, ate almost precisely the opposite of your precious, fucking government-subsidized food pyramid, and all my symptoms evaporated in a few months. Stick your cold stethoscope where the sun don’t shine.

PS: I was vaccinated. I’m radical, not stupid.


7 Comments to “Eyes forward, anti-vaxxers!”

  1. I’m not an anti-vaxxer – I’ve had every vaccine offered me – but I avoid going to a doctor whenever I’m feeling unwell

    I prefer to self-medicate with a hot toddy, or wine, instead

    so far, seems to be working !


  2. Seeing as everything has to have a catchy name these days, why aren’t they just called ‘pro-diseasers’?


  3. You can’t beat a bit of simple causal logic.

    ” I read that 70% of people who developed cancer in the last year had stubbed their toe on the leg of a dining room table in the preceding six months”

    “Wow! So the government are banning dining room tables, are they?”

    “No. They’ve awarded a contract to a company with expertise in sea freight to develop and distribute steel-toed carpet slippers”

    Mark my words people – It’ll happen.


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