Full disclosure

by allthoughtswork

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A therapist said, “One couple came in for what they said was a ‘disclosure’ issue. I assumed one partner had been having an affair.

They sat down and the husband said right away, ‘I have to confess that I’ve been having a conversation with a married woman on Ashley Madison, and I think I want to meet her in person. We need to talk about this.’

I looked at the wife and asked her is she was angry or upset that her husband had gone on the site looking for an affair. She said, ‘Well I don’t know if it counts as an affair, considering the person he is talking to on Ashley Madison is me.’


I looked at them both, totally confused. The husband was confused, too.


She looked at him and shook her head. ‘I am your girlfriend on Ashley Madison. You and I are meeting for coffee next week. Apparently, you aren’t in love with your wife and you want an affair with a younger woman.’


He said, ‘Wait, you’re the woman who is no longer attracted to her husband and thinks he’s boring in bed?’

I looked at them both and suggested we have another session before they went on their date with their Ashley Madison-profile-personalities.”




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