Bra-less Breasts are Better?

by duncanr

bras are apparently injurious to a woman’s health – they would have perkier breasts and be less likely to suffer breast cancer, it is claimed, if they ditched those bras –

[hhmmm, might want to treat the claim of a supposed causative link between wearing a bra and risk of breast cancer with a degree of skepticism – a woman’s choice not to wear a bra may well be associated with other life choices that differ from those of women who do, and it is one or more of these that affect the occurrence of breast cancer rather than bra wearing or not per se

just saying!]

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3 Comments to “Bra-less Breasts are Better?”

  1. Hideously feeble “studies” that are highly correlative rather than causative. They didn’t control for stress from work where the grand majority of us are forced to wear the torture devices, they didn’t account for diet, exercise and genetic predisposition to cancer, they didn’t acquire an enormous sample group from a wide range of ages, sizes, and races, didn’t find out if each and every woman was wearing the correct size and type for her body shape and needs and was taking adequate care of her bras and replacing them when they no longer functioned optimally, and, perhaps worst of all, thye didn’t even think about societal constraints that would slap many women with indecency fines and even imprisonment if they strode out their front doors every day “tempting” men to rape them.

    Yes, we’re still there. We have an invisible burqa here in ‘Murica called Post-War Old White Guys Know What’s Best for Your Body and every woman wears the damned thing straight out of the cradle. One size fits all.


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