Chemist invented ibuprofen to cure his hangover

by allthoughtswork

Dr Stewart Adams

Ever have to report to work with a raging hangover pounding in your head? Dr. Stewart Adams was due to give a speech that way so he popped 600 mg of his own invention and the rest is history. 

Dr. Adams passed last month. Let us all bow our pain-free heads in silent thanks, then test that stuff on vodka tonics.


5 Comments to “Chemist invented ibuprofen to cure his hangover”

  1. History is full of things that were discovered or invented by accident. Nutra Sweet, Viagra, Peanut Butter, just to name a few, all started out with different goals in mind.

    Thanks for the post.



  2. seems like a lot of effort to go through to cure a hangover when a perfectly good cure already existed ?

    generations of Scots and Irish have long known that the best cure for a hangover is another drink (‘hair of the dog’)


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