How to say thank you

by allthoughtswork


2 Comments to “How to say thank you”

  1. showing my ignorance here but had no idea who this guy is – in my defence, I don’t watch tv much or go to movies very often – had to google him and visit his foundation website

    from the video, it’s apparent that he has done good work and touched so many folk’s lives, helping them at times of need

    nice to find people who care for others like that!

    [and, according to wikipedia, ‘Although a staunch supporter of the Republican Party, Sinise refused to vote or show support for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election’gets bonus point for that !]


    • Yeah, Sinise isn’t much known around here, either. He’s not the prolific actor we’re used to, although he’s been in some mega-hits.

      I admit, I held the Republican thing against him for years despite his humanitarian good works but hearing about the Trump avoidance gives me hope!


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