I owe my deformity to Payless Shoes

by allthoughtswork

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Ah, memories of cramming my fast-growing teen-aged feet into 80s flats designed for anorexic insects. An essential aspect of every girl’s wardrobe back then was four thousand pairs of shoes in three thousand colors and Payless made it all possible at $8 a pop.

(sigh) Payless may have gone the way of Blockbuster (my first job, and I wore those flats) but my crooked second toe is forever.  Fuck you, Payless, I love you!

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5 Comments to “I owe my deformity to Payless Shoes”

  1. ah, the follies of youth!

    in the late 60’s, I crippled my feet in the name of fashion, squeezing them into a pair of black suede winklepicker boots – no easy task when you have broad,square feet (aka, ‘peasant toe’ – https://www.cosmopolitan.in/life/features/a11178/7-types-toes-and-secrets-they-reveal-about-your-personality) – but I loved them

    with age, though, I acquired more sense – I gave up on ill-fitting shoes and stuck to flip-flops, sandals, or going barefoot (much to the relief of my poor feet)


    • I’m definitely a Greek Toe, and the stifling of my long second toe in society’s idea of fashion perfectly mirrored the stifling I endured at the hands of pretty much every authority figure who was threatened by my joie de vivre. Fuckers.

      Best revenge is living well, though.

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  2. Alas! The art of walking in high heels has ever eluded me. My last attempt caused my uncle to enquire with much concern if I was unwell…


  3. Yes. And outdoor pursuits an absolute nightmare in them!


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