When did you know you were in love?

by allthoughtswork

3 Comments to “When did you know you were in love?”

  1. although it was many years ago, I remember the exact moment I fell in love for the first time

    she had a beautiful heart-shaped face framed by a tumbling mass of black curly hair,

    and when, one day, she shut her eyes, and began to sing in the gaelic, I was smitten!

    she said we were both too young (7 yrs old) to be boyfriend/girlfriend though – sigh!


  2. My first dalliance was late and rather story book. On a family vacation to a resort cabin on a lake, I met another very young teenager and we flirted awkwardly and devotedly for days. If I had pigtails, I’m sure he would’ve pulled them.

    The culmination of our passion was holding hands in the dark, then our families, unaware of the Shakespearean novel writing itself in the woods behind them, unceremoniously dragged us home to our respective households where we continued an epistolary romance for years. Very Austenesque.

    FYI: Never look up your childhood beloved decades on. They often smooth out from rugged 14-year-old virility into a milquetoast middle-age. (sigh)


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