Some people call it a sling blade, I call it a Kaiser blade

by allthoughtswork

Most amazing piece of single-take acting I’ve ever seen. Billy Bob Thornton nailed it in this film, just nailed it.


12 Comments to “Some people call it a sling blade, I call it a Kaiser blade”

  1. gosh, that clip brought back memories !

    when I was at University, I volunteered to visit a nearby mental hospital every Wednesday afternoon to chat to some of the inmates, take them for a walk in the hospital grounds, organise a picnic, kick a ball around, or whatever

    some had been committed to the asylum by their parents, others had been sent there by the courts – all had been there for many years and had outlived or been abandoned by their families so never received any visitors

    one guy amongst the group I used to take out, latched on to me – always walking with, and chatting, to me

    one day, it was too wet to go out, so I was watching TV with them

    the news came on, and the big story was of a horrific murder involving a man who had savagely attacked and killed a woman and then dismembered her body

    as the newsreader recounted the gruesome details of the case, I couldn’t help notice that this guy was chuckling

    when I asked the charge nurse about if afterwards, he told me the guy (he was in his 40’s at the time) used to live on a farm and when he was a teenager he had stumbled across his sister and her boyfriend having it away in one of the fields. Thinking his sister was being attacked, he had stabbed, and killed her boyfriend, with a pitchfork

    he had shown no remorse or understanding that he had done anything wrong and had been judged to be criminally insane and sent to spend the rest of his days in the asylum with no hope of release

    so when the guy in the vid described looking through the window and seeing his mother lying on the floor naked I had a deja vu moment and knew where this story was heading

    P.S. I agree – that’s a powerful piece of acting !


    • Wow, Dunc, visiting mental hospitals, that’s intense. Is that where you met Nobbly?


      • Funnily enough, we’ve never met.

        On the day that Dunc visited my ward, I was on day-release as there was a crucial vote in The House of Lords, and my attendance and vote were necessary in order to prevent Stilton being removed from the cheeseboard in every dining room in the palace of Westminster.


        • Fuck Westminster, it’s the rabble who truly appreciate a stinky cheese.

          (nibbles Stilton)


          • Egad! Such impertinence.

            Now listen here, young lady; Stilton is the King of cheeses, and the cheese of Kings, and as such cannot be claimed by the rabble; be they indigenous, fine upstanding British rabble, or shifty, grammatically subversive ex-colonial rabble such as yourself.

            Good God, woman – do you know who I am? I am Lord Shovett of Wright-Upham, keeper of the ancient cheeseboard of Saint Kendodd and protector of the Royal Dairy Products as decreed by none other than Phil the Greek himself.

            So fuck off with your leftist, proletarian, cheese-grabbing ways.


  2. FYI: Not only was Sling Blade a mind-blowing stretch of acting, Billy Bob Thornton also wrote the screenplay and directed it–his very first movie. Talk about setting the bar skyscraper-high.


  3. One of the most amazing films. Billy Bob Thornton stunned us with his acting and writing abilities. Wow.


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