Coolest. Wedding. Ever.

by allthoughtswork

7 Comments to “Coolest. Wedding. Ever.”

  1. sounds more like an invitation to fight than a wedding celebration


  2. there’s only one reply to the intimidating Haka . . .


  3. Mean haka. @duncanr, fighting is only one aspect of haka, its the most embodied way Māori people have to celebrate life. This kind of celebration is our norm at every occasion. Thanks for posting @allthoughtswork


    • I’m pretty sure this pasty white body has zero DNA from any peoples south of the Czech Republic but when I saw haka for the first time, something just woke up inside. Even hearing Maori makes sense to my ears, I love everything about it. Sexy as all hell.

      The powerful beat that seems to come up through the earth, the explosive catharsis of emotion that simultaneously synergizes and vents, the physical command of the body in sound and motion, the entraining of so many spirits into one giant intention: It’s like a volcano crossed with a laser beam.

      If the pasties could embrace a full spirit, total body expression like haka, I think Prozac, Metformin, and Viagra sales would plummet worldwide. I mean sports, sure, but we need it in schools, the military, and at celebrations, too.

      PS: How do you type the a with the line across the top? Google is being a little bitch.


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