Doggie School Bus

by duncanr

now this is the kind of job I would love . . .

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One Comment to “Doggie School Bus”

  1. This just makes me so sad. Why do people get pets if they have to pay someone else to spend time with them? It’s like they’re renting the idea of a pet.

    My retired elderly neighbors own the duplex they live in. They have one side, they rent out the other to their daughter and her husband. These kids have a dog but the parents watch the dog all day, feed the dog, walk the dog, play with the dog, house the dog, and when the kids come home from work, the dog is led from one doorway to the other so it can have at least the semblance of belonging to its actual owners, the kids.

    This week, the parents have been on a road trip and the kids have actually had to take care of the dog themselves. I’ve been laughing my ass off.


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