How to survive childhood

by allthoughtswork

I remember playing with that elastic bubble plastic and, yes, it tasted like death. But I turned out fine. (left eye twitches violently)

An elementary school classmate had the Easy Bake Oven at her house. It churned out bland tasting “brownies” that baffled me: Why, if her mom had the real brownies-in-a-box right there in the kitchen cupboard, didn’t we all just spend a minute or two with an electric mixer and the middle rack of the oven to enjoy an authentic carb rush?

Worst and longest-running toy ever created that’s still injuring thousands to this day? Drum roll, please….


No single concept has inspired so many idiots to engage in so much stupidity in so little time.


Well, maybe with the exception of lawn darts….

Image result for lawn darts



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