John Pinette reviews London

by allthoughtswork

3 Comments to “John Pinette reviews London”

  1. gawd, I’m with him on the London touristy bit !

    I live about 90 minutes from London and have often in the past had to take guests up to London to ‘show them the sights’

    now, back when I lived in Scotland, I could happily take guests out for hours walking the hills, mountains, shorelines showing them the varied scenery and wildlife, but after a short while guiding guests round London – visiting art galleries, museums, historical sites, I’m bored out of my tree, feet sore, and desperate to find a pub !


    • You and I would get on famously, that’s precisely the adventure I go for.

      I frustrate the hell out of tourists because they all want to know the Wi-Fi hotspots and the best place to eat. I haven’t patronized a restaurant in over a decade and I don’t own a smartphone but I can show you eight hidden hiking trails in a fifty mile radius of Portland.


  2. Here he has refined his England bit somewhat, go to 1:12


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