Appearances can be Deceptive

by duncanr

following a noisy altercation between Boris Johnson and his girlfriend, Friday night, which resulted in the police being called out, the would-be Prime Minister has refused to answer media questions about the incident, insisting his personal life is not relevant to a discussion as to whether or not he is suited to be Prime Minister

despite this stance, Team Boris have released to the media a photo taken at the weekend that purports to show everything is all hunky-dorey between the couple

cynics, however, were sceptical about this scene of domestic harmony, suggesting it was staged – one wag going so far as to suggest the real story behind that photo




while another wag re-imagined the pic as an ad for IKEA furniture . . .

One Comment to “Appearances can be Deceptive”

  1. I look at that pastoral setting of gently rolling fields and quiet, tall grass and all I can think is: ticks.


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