Déjà effin’ vu

by allthoughtswork

Person Centered On The Beach In Front Of A Big Rock

A filmmaker/artist is documenting compilations of people’s Instagram lemming pics on a site called Insta Repeat and I shook my head sadly at “Person Centered on a Beach in Front of a Big Rock.”

All but three of those are Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, Oregon, and, yes, that’s pretty much what you’ll see there: dozens of idiots blocking their own landscape shots. I never understood putting people in nature photos. Your record of the magnificent view is proof you were there, Haystack Rock doesn’t need yer ugly mug photobombing its selfie.

Ain’t no humans in my shots unless it’s to specifically document the idiocy of Homo sapiens. You’re welcome.



2 Comments to “Déjà effin’ vu”

  1. hitched through Oregon on highway 101 late 70’s with my 1st wife. Always loved the sea, and loved Oregon coastline. Couple of girls picked us up, invited us back to their place. Walked down to the beach with them after supper to watch the sea and admire the rock formations offshore. Pretty sure was The Haystack we were looking at – pics look awfully familiar! No tourists around, beach was deserted apart from ourselves and another local out for a walk. Was a beautiful night!

    p.s., no selfies were taken – we were travelling light, so no camera with us (and smart phones hadn’t been invented back then 😆 )


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