“I’m stonkingly rich, up yours!”

by allthoughtswork

This humorous 2007 British documentary on the class system could well have been filmed in America, with a few tweaks: Our royals are whichever celebrities are “in” this year, our wealth signaling involves dietary choices, and nobody gives a damn which accent you speak in, they only want to know which car you drive. A thick backwoods accent is easily forgiven in an Audi R8 coupe.

PS: No American would ever say “toilet” unless we’re actually in Home Depot buying one. It’s restroom, ladies room, mens room, bathroom. We only refer to our nether regions semantically.

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2 Comments to ““I’m stonkingly rich, up yours!””

  1. On the subject of toilets, the first of many embarrassing moments when I emigrated to Canada came before I’d even reached my destination

    I was flying from Scotland to Calgary, Alberta, and had to change planes in Toronto. While killing time waiting for my connecting flight, I was exploring the airport when I became aware that what had started as a vague sense of needing to pee sometime soon was now becoming a matter of some urgency. I was hesitant about asking anyone because I didn’t know what word to use but finally plucked up the courage to ask a guy heading in my direction. The conversation went something like this . . .

    ME: excuse, me. I’m looking for the Gents
    MAN: Huh?
    ME: the Gents – can you tell me where the Gents is?
    MAN: Huh?
    ME: the Loo?
    MAN: Huh?
    ME: the Bog? Can you tell me where the Bog is?
    MAN: Huh?
    ME: I need the toilet – I’m going to wet myself
    MAN: Ah, you want the Comfort Station!
    ME: Huh?


  2. Comfort Station sounds like a classy strip club.

    My Czech grandma used to call it the hoosegow. I have no idea how she came to equate bodily functions with incarceration.


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