A New Home for Teddy

by duncanr

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2 Comments to “A New Home for Teddy”

  1. Made some new friends today while they were building a house in a beautiful rural area and one of the guys had a cattle herding-type dog tied up to a tree just out of sight of the crew. The dog, Snickers, was just recently rescued from a bad situation and was going through some training with his new foster carer….and he was whining and whimpering to beat the band.

    I asked if I could pet him and his trainer said okay. Snickers was so sweet, closed his eyes and soaked up the petting and scratching, tipped his head back and gave me kisses. Just a lover.

    I was a little surprised when the trainer told me–after the fact–that the reason the dog was being rehomed in the first place and even sequestered today was because of his violent, aggressive behavior. Turns out, he can just snap and tear into whoever’s around him.

    But Snickers knew an animal lover when he saw one.


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