Fuck me runnin’, where does it end?

by allthoughtswork

Every year, it’s a bigger and bigger adrenaline rush. Are we losing our ability to register that chemical? What’s next, shoving plutonium up our butts to fart mushroom clouds?

Crap, I just gave the state of Florida ideas. My bad.

2 Comments to “Fuck me runnin’, where does it end?”

  1. hhmmm, when I hear of folk doing scary stunts like this, can’t help wonder what is lacking in their life that they feel they have to put themselves in life-threatening situations in order to boost their ego/gain some standing amongst their peers?


    • There’s a strong case for underfunctioning dopamine receptors in the brain, necessitating riskier and riskier behavior to get a high. Just living in this country has been enough of a risk for me, but I add vodka for the fun part.


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