Some Pics I took Yesterday

by duncanr

It was a nice day yesterday and I was in a reflective mood so I visited a couple of places where Dee and I used to enjoy spending time together

I am fortunate in living just a few yards from some parkland and 5 minutes walk from the front door of my cottage leads to this haven of peace and tranquility

Lots of happy memories of Dee here and .

I got a wee bit emotional thinking of her – though she’s gone now, I felt close to her in this place so I decided to go on and visit another of our favourite haunts; A country park a few short miles from my door, our walks there always ended up sitting on the edge of this lake – [partly because of its beauty, but also because there’s a pub by the lake!]

But I did not have the lake to myself for long – soon I had company, though the attraction for them on a swelteringly hot day was the water rather than the nearby pub


was such a hot day, the local crows couldn’t summon much energy to fly anywhere

this guy was so lethargic, I could have picked him up by hand

I thought about the poor buggers suffering in the heat as I sat later sipping a glass of chilled white zinfadel on the pub decking overlooking the lake !

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2 Comments to “Some Pics I took Yesterday”

  1. Just loverly. How hot was it? No offense to your crows but if they’re dumb enough to stand out in the sun in black cloaks rather than seek the shade and shelter of trees, they’ll reside there nevermore.

    Added a few tags for ya.

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  2. I’m glad you have such memory places to stroll to Duncan. I’m sorry for your sorrows, but glad to hear of such memories that surely must help.

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