Boris it is, then

by duncanr

so, as expected, as of tomorrow, Boris Johnson will replace zombie May as PM of the UK

coincidentally, some wags have been circulating this photo of a 19c prostitute – claiming it to be Boris

admittedly, there is a striking resemblance but the pic is definitely NOT the new PM – though with Boris in charge, the UK may be about to get well and truly f****d – much as the prostitute undoubtedly was


3 Comments to “Boris it is, then”

  1. Dunc, what is wrong with our mutual countries? It’s like they’re in a grudge match to see who can put the most ignorant malignant narcissist asshole behind the wheel of a doomsday machine.

    Sadly, I think we’re winning.


    • Hiya.

      I do think that you’re winning; mainly because the state of the UK these days no longer leaves it in the ‘doomsday machine’ category.

      We are a relatively insignificant small island, who would be far better off admitting that, rather than poncing about pretending to be a major world power, egged on by fucking idiots such as Johnson.


      • Every once in a while, people like to trot out the idea that we’d be better off with a parliamentary system than our current two party clusterfuck. But if it can still let disheveled weasels into the hen house like Boris the Drunk Brontosaurus, I don’t see the advantage.


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