I’d ‘ave done the same

by duncanr

as a dog lover/’owner’, I get really upset when I hear about dogs being mistreated/abandoned by their ‘owners’

fortunately for this young huskie, one of the police officers who responded to a call from a member of the public about a dog tied to a fence in a vacant lot fell in love with the dog and persuaded his wife to adopt ‘Rizzo’

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3 Comments to “I’d ‘ave done the same”

  1. Nice story, Dunc. I’m glad it worked out for all concerned.

    I always wonder with videos such as this; who is filming it, and why?

    My suspicion in this case is that this was all staged after the adoption, to re-create the actual happenings for the purposes of spreading a good news story.


    • I think you’re right to be suspicious, Nobbly – definitely a ‘re-enactment’ feel to this video

      [not sure police bodycams can do zoom shots; since both cops appear together in some scenes, footage must have been recorded by 3rd person; camera is too steady to be footage recorded by 3rd party on smartphone; then the dog itself seems not at all wary of strangers as cops approach to ‘rescue ‘ it]

      but a nice change to have a news story that is not about trump or brexit


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