Sinister Me

by duncanr

folk have often asked if I’m left-handed (or as we say in Scotland, ‘corrie-fisted’) and I’ve told them -No, I’m ambidextrous – but that’s not quite true

the dictionary definition of ‘ambidextrous’ is – able to use the right and left hands equally well.

I well remember my primary school teacher whacking my knuckles with a wooden pointer to train me, with limited success, to write with my right hand instead of my preferred left. Despite her best efforts, though, today . . .

I write equally atrociously with either hand. So in that sense, I am ambidextrous. Likewise, I can throw a ball, or a dart, or a bowling ball equally well with either hand (i.e., ambidextrous) but for most other things I exclusively use either my left or right hand depending on the nature of the task. For example, when opening a wine bottle or a stubborm jar lid, I always use my left hand – when cutting paper, I always hold scissors in my right hand. So not ambidextrous in the true sense of the word

There is some suggestion that handedness is partly genetically determined. Neither of my parents were corrie-fisted, however, so if there is a genetic component in determing left-handedness, it must have skipped a generation or two in my case

3 Comments to “Sinister Me”

  1. When you sign your name, which hand reaches for the pen?


    • depends!

      if asked to sign a birthday card being passed around a group of us at the pub for instance, I’ll write a message with my right hand if the card is travelling in a clockwise direction towards me, my left hand if the card reaches me from a counter clockwise direction

      [wasn’t conscious I was doing this until one of our Wednesday afternoon pub crowd observed and asked me about it a few weeks back]

      on the other hand (so to speak), if writing a cheque, I would use my right hand because cheque books are better suited for right-handed folk – hard to write a cheque with left hand unless remove cheque from book first before writing it [a bit awkward crossing hands to hold cheque book open with right hand while writing cheque with left hand]

      writing has a different ‘slant’ depending on which hand I use but my signature is the same regatdless if written by my left or right hand because I don’t ever sign my name – my signature is a custom scrawl I have developed over the years


      • “my signature is a custom scrawl I have developed over the years”

        Me, too! I saw a doctor sign with what looked like his initials, so I went down to my bank and officially submitted a custom signature design. Once it’s on record, it’s legal.

        And who knew you were so talented?

        (That’s what SHE said.)


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