Sorry, can’t leave, dead

by allthoughtswork

2 Comments to “Sorry, can’t leave, dead”

  1. my two younger dogs tried a similar ruse when I took them to the vet on Monday for their annual checkup and booster injection

    it was tails wagging, and pulling my in every direction in their excitement to be going somewhere new in the car with me – until we got to the vet, when they lost the power of movement in all 4 limbs

    when it was our turn to see the vet, I moved towards the consultant room but one bitch sat on her haunches and wouldn’t budge. I gave a tug on her lead and, the waiting room not being carpeted, she slid a few feet towrds me across the shiny floor, still sat on her bum – much to the amusement of the other pet owners waiting their turn to see the vet

    the other bitch, meanwhile, had darted under the row of chairs on one side of the waiting room and was lying on her tummy. When I tugged on her lead, she too slid towards me, as did also a chair she had managed to get entangled in her lead

    [I have to say, though the situation was somewhat embarrassing for me, the other pet owners present seemed to be really enjoying the unexpected entertainment my dogs and I were putting on for them]

    keenly aware of the vet standing at the door of her consulting room waiting for me, and recognising the bitches weren’t willing to enter that room under their own steam, I disentagled the lead that was wrapped round the leg of the chair and scooped both dogs up – one under each arm – and strode masterfully into the consulting room!


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