Eye-opening social experiment on privilege

by allthoughtswork

I loathe “Dr.” Phil (it’s a Ph.D, not a medical license, you puffy-faced MAGA twits, the man couldn’t diagnose a nail-biter) but this is the only footage I could find of this instructive group activity. All high school classrooms should do this with their kids at the beginning of each school year as a reminder.

3 Comments to “Eye-opening social experiment on privilege”

  1. wow – simple but powerful awareness technique !


    • I liked it, too. I like how it would be effective for all ages–even children can understand the concept of a race and what the position of the participants means.

      I was thinking, it would also work for concepts other than discrimination like different kinds of addiction, childhood abuse, and mental illness. One could list the oppressive symptoms and how they limit an individual’s performance and freedoms and witness how it sets a person back in life. They should have veterans do it before Congress.


      • you’re right – there are so many areas where this approach could yield so much greater understanding of how differences in life experiences, e.g., race, religion, gender, sexual preference, wealth, social status affect/limit the available choices and opportunities open to individuals


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