The ONLY one I believe is the dog

by allthoughtswork

2 Comments to “The ONLY one I believe is the dog”

  1. what a load of bollocks!

    loved this comment posted on youtube by a fellow sceptic . . .

    Bill Smith
    I had one steal my lawnmower. He sold it to my neighbor for $10. Damn thing.


  2. This is the one that had me howling with laughter last night:

    “If it self identifies as sasquatch, you are legally bound to accept it and modify your property to be bigfoot accessible.”

    When I was a child we lived in a rural area with woods right next to the house. I would often have to visit the loo at night and the upper bathroom window looked right out onto those trees. One hot summer night, I heard strange sounds, like a man half-screaming, half-coughing and there were a lot of branches rustling around. It went on every night for a week. I was terrified. I had nightmares. And then….

    I grew up and learned what hairy little bastards raccoons can be.


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