Brushing up on disaster

by allthoughtswork

I’ve watched around four dozen videos and documentaries on the level 9 Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011 with good reason: The impending Cascadia megathrust fault earthquake off our Oregon coast has a disturbingly good chance of being that disaster’s twin or even it’s ugly big brother.

We don’t have the population concentration Japan does right next to the sea but our infrastructure is so old and sucks so hard that the entire Pacific Northwest would be out of commission for years. Portland, alone, is called Bridge City. Think about that.

While touring beach communities this summer, I heard an unsettling story from an elderly local. She pointed to some sizable mansions perched way up high on the hills above the beach and said, “See those houses? There’s a single road leading up there. The owners said if the Big One hits, they don’t want any evacuees from the tsunami comin’ up there to their property.”

I laughed and said, “If the Big One hits, they won’t be able to do a thing about it. First of all, it’s a public road. And second, the news would make mincemeat out of them. All the internet needs is one photo of some rich asshole standing on his porch with a gun trained on a cold and wet family of four who just lost everything, shivering in his driveway, and life as he knows it would be over.”

2 Comments to “Brushing up on disaster”

  1. scary thought !

    if I was you, i’d move to higher ground and begin stockpiling essential supplies, e.g., wine, whisky, rice, lentils, beer


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