Scotland in Motion

by duncanr

4 Comments to “Scotland in Motion”

  1. I’m excited to watch this but two tries and it’s still freezing on me midway through. I’ll try again later.


    • I tried in vain to get this to play for me several times over, gave up, and sought him out on You Tube (He’s got a whole channel!), and I much prefer this one, anyway:

      I tell you, when I visit Scotland, you will be hard pressed to get me into a city as I will be spending the majority of my time in the wilderness with a rental car and a list of inns. I still say Scotland is Oregon with a close shave.


      • if ever you make it to Scotland let me know – I’ve been too long away from home and need to get back, if only for a visit

        [lots of wild places off the tourist track and out of the way pubs with a flexible interpretation of the law regarding opening and closing times I can show you 😆 ]


  2. Unless I come into a shitload of wealth and can charter a private plane, I will not be setting foot on any public flight at any time under the current air travel conditions. I’d be arrested for mass murder before take off.

    Pubs with “flexible laws,” eh? Does that mean if you pass out on the floor it turns into an inn?


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