Just another day in the life of Duncan

by allthoughtswork

2 Comments to “Just another day in the life of Duncan”

  1. the currency thing used to happen to me a lot whenever I returned to England from Scotland with Scottish bank notes in my pocket so I tried ‘laundering’ the money by passing it to the kids with their ‘pocket money’

    there were always howls of protest when I did so – until the day they discovered some harassed shopkeepers ocassionally mistook a Scottish £1 bank note of the time for an English £5 bank note (same size and colour) and gave them more money back in change than they had presented to purchase the item they wanted to buy

    no reluctance to accept Scottish bank notes off me after that !


  2. Apparently, our own money changed design a while back but I only use debit and credit cards so I was surprised to see what passed for legal tender lately.


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