Car karaoke not optional

by allthoughtswork

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If you ever meet somebody who can sit next to you in a car and NOT sing along to these, dump ’em. They have no soul.

Yes, John Denver. Bite me.

2 Comments to “Car karaoke not optional”

  1. agree with most of your collection, apart from two – bel air, and john denver

    top marks for 500 hundred miles, though – my favourite Karaoke version of this was performed some years back when a bunch of UK celebrities got together as part of a charity fund raising event


  2. Those two were nods to my youth. To explain the John Denver, I was raised in the rural Midwest in the 70s by unhip parents who lived on a semi-farm, so you do the math. I was doomed.

    The other was a nod to college salad days because as a brain break from hard study I’d watch zany children’s shows. Strangely, I recall very little about the actual plots, just the theme songs.


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