Mormonism, holy crap

by allthoughtswork

7 Comments to “Mormonism, holy crap”

  1. People will believe anything at all. The Bible says the natural man is an enemy to god. Nice switcharoo, but the natural man is actually the believing man. Everybody lines up for belief. I think religious belief may just be the biggest problem humanity will have to address. Not what religion you believe, but belief itself is our curse.


  2. Now, that crap was funny! 😆


    • The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the majority of world religions started with a single frustrated fourteen-year-old boy sitting angrily in his bedroom with paper and a pen, muttering, “If I ruled the world, THIS is what you would all have to do for ME!”

      Ask Joseph Smith, Jr., if it was his bedroom or not.

      (go to 1 minute in)


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