Logarithms explained with Trees

by duncanr

I went to school a few minutes walk away from Merchiston Tower in Edinburgh, the home of the Scottish mathematician, and inventor/discoverer of logarithms, John Napier – [that’s the only thing I learnt at school about logarithms that I still remember]

never could get my head around logarithms at school – and since leaving school I have managed to reach retirement age without once needing to know or use logarithms in ‘real’life’

decided, though, to give this hot blonde with her bum-length golden hair and her trees a chance to succeed where my teachers had so dismally failed – sadly, I’m still none the wiser about logarithms [mind you, I was finding it hard to concentrate on what she was saying]

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2 Comments to “Logarithms explained with Trees”

  1. (Googles logarithm)

    (finds children’s math web page)

    (now knows what a logarithm is)

    (uses logarithm to determine how much less I care about logarithms than two minutes ago)


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