Never send a left-brained man to the market

by allthoughtswork

2 Comments to “Never send a left-brained man to the market”

  1. jeez, you yanks pronounce words oddly !

    listening to her tale, I thought her husband was set to go off on a trip somewhere before she diverted him to the grocery store

    she was halfway through her tale when it dawned on me he was planning to play Badminton – I didn’t recognise the word at first because she pronounced it differently to the way it is pronounced in UK


    • Yeah, sometimes we even pronounce things differently FROM the way they’re pronounced in the UK.

      Don’t forget, she’s Southern. They’re even weirder down in them thar parts. You may call us all Yanks but the southern Yanks only call the northern Yanks Yanks in ‘Murica and it’s fightin’ words to draw the line in the wrong place. I guess up here we’re double Yanks. Kinda like double stuffed Oreos.

      (go to 1:40 for a primer)


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