Supreme Court 11 – 0 Boris Johnson

by duncanr

in a stinging rebuke, the UK Supreme Court has ruled that the trumpian buffoon currently occupying the position of UK Prime Minister lied to the queen, and his decision to shut down parliament was a calculated dishonest, deceitful, unlawful act –

3 Comments to “Supreme Court 11 – 0 Boris Johnson”

  1. Now let’s see if we can whip the American Democrats into a similar impeaching frenzy.

    It’s unbefuckinglievable, really, how Clinton got impeached for one blow job but tRump has committed treason against our country for years without incident.


  2. it is probably no surprise to regular readers of Madhatters that I couldn’t give a toss about the UK Royal Family, and for the life of me can’t understand the feudal-like subserviance of so many folk in the UK who bow the knee so readily to a bunch of inbreeds who – by accident of birth and the meek obeisance of so many – enjoy a wealthy priviliged lifestyle denied to the majority of UK residents, but fuck me, if I was the queen I would be seriously questioning the advice/judgment of the fuckers (aka ‘ the Privy Council’) who didn’t alert me to the dangers/illegality of rubber stamping Johnston’s move to prorogue Parliament


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