Poverty is an ecosystem of thinking

by allthoughtswork

So is wealth.

This is a brilliant presentation, it incorporates so many of the concepts I’ve picked up over the years from various teachers. A commenter summed up the points into an outline but I highly recommend hearing this speech en toto.

Two things, though.

Sorry, but you may actually need to let your closest friends go as you improve your circumstances. Depends on the friends, of course, but very few people can bear out their besties dropping a hundred pounds or winning the lottery. It fucks up the hierarchy and inflames insecurities faster than a tropical destination wedding.

Also, he skims over the symbiotic strategy of regarding the beautiful and extroverted as tools rather than goals. He hinted at it when he mentioned how he got someone else to fund his book–that was him being utilized as a personality. Hollywood is full of socially inept mingers quietly casting gorgeous movie stars in their latest moneymaker. The jockey doesn’t have to be as fit as the horse, he just needs to know how to ride.

You’ve got to change the way you look at things before the things you look at change.


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