TED Talk: Education

by duncanr

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5 Comments to “TED Talk: Education”

  1. Thank you, Dunc, that was an absolutely brill start to my day. Cured my apathy, hangover, and lack of motivation all in one fell swoop. Well, almost my lack of motivation, I’m banking on the second cup of coffee taking care of that.

    I’ve long said that I don’t teach, I “start little fires.” And, yes, I’d of been one of the medicated ones if they had had Adderall back in the day. School is designed to make facilitators’ lives easier, not children smarter.

    Education is, sadly, like medicine in that it is very much a business rather than a vital service. The ostensible goal is buried beneath the bottom line and there are always parasitic parties siphoning something off for themselves under the aegis of “helping.” I’m lookin’ at you, Pearson, you bastards.


  2. I really enjoyed that Ted talk – really interesting content and loved his delivery


  3. my teachers were lucky their salary wasn’t dependent on how well I perfomed on tests – I was a duffer at school, doing the bare minimum in order to scrape a pass, just wasn’t interested

    only applied myself and got top grades when I went to college and retook the tests a few years later when I decided on a career change and needed good results to get in to university


  4. ok, a bit about me . . .

    I was a bit of a duffer at school

    played truant a lot – which the teachers didn’t seem to mind [my absence from their class seemed a mutually welcome experience] – and skipped some of my final exams in favour of supping a few pints at a local pub

    had several jobs after leaving school – none of which lasted too long ‘cos I was easily bored and would jack it in when I was fed up and do something else instead

    then I met and befriended a couple of trainee social workers and decided that was what I really wanted to do in life – something that involved helping other people – so a few years after leaving school, I packed up my job at the time as a cleaner and went to college for a year to study for and sit the exams i’d flunked/ skipped in preference for the pub while at school

    I passed these with flying colours, went to Uni to study sociology and psychology, changed my mind about sociology and social work as a potential career and went on to get a doctorate in Psychology, spending several years researching animal learning and behaviour before changing career and moving into IT, becoming a Sys Admin, and writing business software for small companies, then later shifting career direction again becoming Production Manager of an engineering company


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