Robin Williams on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”

by allthoughtswork

3 Comments to “Robin Williams on “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?””

  1. sorry, Robin Williams is one of those breed of american comedians, like jerry lewis, jim carey that I just don’t find the least bit funny – after a couple of minutes I had to reach for the off button, such was my irritation with the so-called ‘zany’ humour and the fake ‘laughter’


    • That’s quite alright, I loathe Lewis and Carey, myself.


      • Incidentally, Robin Williams’ over-the-top desperate need to please and control the room is a clear indication he had a lonely childhood with emotionally neglectful parents, something he admitted, himself, many times. Once you’ve got a narcissistic mom or dad’s fleeting attention, you’ll do anything you can to hold it as long as possible because you may be discarded for days or even weeks after that. So, in some, the antics can get pretty loud and wild.

        It’s probably why I’ve got a soft spot for Robin but even I can’t take some of the potty humor.


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