I still remember Logan’s Run

by allthoughtswork

1976 was the year Michael and Jenny taught millions of Americans to associate a British accent with lust.


7 Comments to “I still remember Logan’s Run”

  1. never saw Logan’s Run

    1973-1977 was my university years and I was too busy enjoying female company and consuming copious amounts of alcohol to have any time left for TV 😆


    • Jeez, you’d think a dirty old man would find an hour or two in forty years to leer at Jenny Agutter. A young, nubile Farah Fawcett’s in it, too.

      I know what you mean, though. University and the years immediately following were so packed with social and economic survival, the pop culture of the time was lost on me. Should’ve become a trophy wife right away, then the social, economic, and culture would’ve taken care of itself and I’d be divorced by now with a satisfying alimony. (sigh) Hindsight’s 20-20.


  2. Have you read the original book by William Nolan?


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