One-Liner Wednesday — #40

by allthoughtswork

“The only problem I really see with polygamy is all the girls that are involved are underage. That’s the problem. Like, I don’t think I’d have a problem with polygamy if everybody that wanted to do it was over the age of forty. Let’s see how many guys wanna line up to marry me and ten of my friends. Something tells me marrying a 40-year-old with an opinion is not quite as enticing as marrying a 15-year old virgin who’s been kidnapped in a Little House on the Prairie outfit.”

Kathleen Madigan


Image result for flds wives


4 Comments to “One-Liner Wednesday — #40”

  1. hhmmm, I wonder how much the preference for young virgins is related to male insecurity and that the female opinion that matters is that virgins have no experience by which to judge the man’s performance in bed?

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  2. p.s., in my experience, plenty of women have ‘opinions’ long before they are 40 – [as any father of a young daughter will testify]


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