Won’t be hard gettin’ the kids in the car TODAY

by allthoughtswork

California is currently on fire. Actually, it might be simpler to announce when California is NOT on fire, there’d be fewer announcements.

The above is basically my worst nightmare but I’ve already experienced it….

I was stuck in gridlock traffic on a major backcountry artery in Colorado one summer afternoon while flames crested the hill right next to the road, just about as far away as those flamin’ hills are from those houses. There was no shoulder on this road and steep ravines on either side, so everyone was trapped where they sat.

We were moving forward about five miles per hour, faster than most people can run over uneven terrain, so you could see people’s heads swiveling from the fire on their right to the road ahead and back to the fire, calculating whether to abandon their vehicle or roll the dice with infamous U.S. Highway 285.

Worst part was that there was law enforcement around but nobody was doing a damned thing to direct us or help or anything. Hell of a thing to feel alone like that, surrounded by other doomed people, watching death roaring down a hill at you.

Obviously, I lived. My amygdala took some hits, though.

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