by duncanr

4 Comments to “Playtime”

  1. Those penguins sliding around on ice is pretty much all of Britain right now, hunh?


    • MET Office forecast was freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall my part of the UK this weekend. We’ve dodged the snow (so far) but they got it right about the temperature! Was forced to switch central heating on – much to the relief of my dogs who were huddled together in the one bed to keep warm this morning rather than sleeping separately in their own beds . . .


      • I didn’t know you had a crop of them! Do you walk them all at once like an Inuit behind a dogsled team? Yer walks would go much faster if you harnessed like that them up and put yourself on roller skates.


        • I’m lucky that I live about 100 yards from parkland – once there, the dogs are free to venture where they want while I make my way round the park on my own. Eventually, we all meet up again at the exit from the park.

          When they’re on the lead – going to and from the park – they do actually resemble a dogsled team; all 3 of them walk in front of me with Rab (the eldest) the tip of an arrowhead, and the two youngsters, Susi and Spice (sisters) walking slightly behind him, one on his left, the other on his right, both level with his shoulder to form an arrowhead shape


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