Why do Americans vote on Tuesday? Nobody knows

by allthoughtswork

It made sense in 1845, but this is 2019 and American employers are allowed to fire their employees if they take off work to cast their ballot.

You smell that? Smells like bullshit.

Thank god I live in Oregon where all voting is by mail-in ballot. Everything comes right to your door, you have weeks to read the enclosed literature (also in Spanish) so you understand the ballot measures, and you can just stick your sealed decision in a mailbox or drop it through a slot at dozens of secure locations like libraries, police stations, and city halls.

There’s even drive-ups so your fat ass never has to leave the car:

Image result for drive up voting ballot box oregon


Oregon is also the first state in the union to enact Automatic Voter Registration through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you’re in the system, you’re good to go, no further action necessary, just wait for the mailman. Small wonder we have one of the highest voter participation records in the country.

But then, we’re not a red state.


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2 Comments to “Why do Americans vote on Tuesday? Nobody knows”

  1. I want to know why elections in UK are always on a Thursday ?


    • in case of doubt, ask Google!

      ‘It has been suggested that this tradition arose as the best of several circumstances: Friday pay-packets would lead to more drunken voters on Fridays and weekends; having the election as far after a Sunday as possible would reduce the influence of Sunday sermons; many towns held markets on Thursdays, thus the local population would be travelling to town that day anyway’http://tinyurl.com/uspel6q

      It has been suggested‘ ? – in other words, no bugger knows why!


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