The Things Kids Say

by duncanr

kids’ view of the world differs somewhat to that of adults

to illustrate this difference in perception, a NYC school teacher, Alyssa Cowit, has created an Instagram account – Live From Snack Time – documenting the things her kindergarten class, and other kids, say

some of these are brilliant . . .

I particulary like this one. When I was a kid, my parents used access to dessert as a form of behavioural control – ‘if you don’t eat your sprouts you won’t get any pudding‘. In other words, I had to first eat crap I didn’t like (my mum was not a great cook) before I could have what I really wanted to eat. I much prefer this kid’s philosophy – life is short so do the things you like first !

now this kid poses a question many adults have often pondered as they head off to work on a Monday morning!
more things kids sayhere

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