Boris ‘all talk no trousers’ Johnson Running Scared

by duncanr

folk in the Uk go to the polls on 12 Dec to elect a new government

curreent opinion polls predict the Conservative party – under the leadership of Boris (no Balls) Johnson – to win with a comfortable majority

for those not familiar with Boris (cowardly) Johnson, he has a reputation – even amongst his friends – as being a man of

no substance; someone who talks enthusiastically in slogans but with an airy-fairy brain incapable of grasping the fine details of any position

recognising this character trait as a major hindrance to the Conservative party being re-elected, the strategy of party organisers is apparently to prevent their man’s failings from being unveiled to a wider public by keeping him away from interviews with non-sychophantic interviewers such as Andrew Neil – leading Neil to issue this direct challenge to Boris ‘chicken-livered’ Johnson

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